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So what is Rideonboard?  Well at first glance it looks like a website that specializes in onboard videos, cameras  and all the related lifestyle (and of course it is that). But if you read between the lines you will see that it is something more than that. Ask yourself, why are all onboard videos related in a way or the other? What could possibly have in common a F1 racer,a skater, a Downhill biker, a windsurfer, a pilot and motorcycle stunt rider? It is the sensation of movement through space that brings them (and us) all together. The "need for speed" is in escence the need to move, but everyone likes to move on his own way.

Dragster racers and Street racers are hooked on the magic of hughe accelaration in a straight line, drifters love to move sideways, MXers want to move through the mud, dirt and  air, free runners want to move without stopping no matter what and so on.  Everyone is hooked on his "unique way of moving" and here is where onboard videos come into picture.

You see with the help of  some big steps that were taken in camera technology  and the growth of the Internet, in the last few decades,  we are now able to experience what others  are experiencing, almost first hand.  We can sit in a fighter jet cockpit, a salt Lake speed record setting machine,  a little Civic putting around in the suburbs, or  on a Rocket  booster falling through the atmosphere, with the touch of a few buttons. That is nothing short of a miracle if you take a minute and think about it. Don't get me wrong though. This site is not made for the onboard cameras, the mounting equipment, the video uploads, the cars, bikes  and  boards. It is made to bring together all the people passionate about moving with their own unique way. So grab your camera get out there and move. We ll be here to help you share it with the world.


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