Onboard the Kawasaki ZXR400 - Tsukuba circuit

A nice practice session on a Kawasaki ZXR400 in the Tsukuba cricuit for an upcoming race of the TC400 championship.

You can find out more about this machine and it's rider at nenweb.jp (catch is you have got to know how to read Japanese 🙂 )


Kawasaki ZXR400 - 1993
Kawasaki ZXR400 - 1993



Kawasaki ZXR400 review

 ‘Extreme’ is a word that’s bandied everywhere these days. But when it comes to motorcycling, they don’t come much more so than Kawasaki’s ZXR400. Small (so popular with the ladeez), light, stumpy, extremely revvy and a fabulous handler, the little ZXR is refined essence of four-cylinder sportster with all the good and bad that implies. It’s not big, it’s not particularly clever, but show it some well surfaced bends and it’ll show you how good handling can be.


Dinky four-cylinder addictively shrieks and screams and comes complete with the frenzy of a 14,500rpm red line. Nothing much happens below 10,000rpm, so any progress is accompanied by a flurry of revs and a banzai-like howl from the end can. But all this fury is worth it because the little ZXR produces 62bhp, which can propel it to an almost unbelievable 140mph-plus top speed.


Kawasaki ZXR400
Kawasaki ZXR400
Ride and Handling

Exceptionally firm and taut, the suspension is unyielding and doesn’t compress much even with a heavy rider on board. On smooth roads or track days this equates to scalpel-like precision, but throw in some undulations and the wheels are in contact with the ground about as much as a freestyle snowboarder. It’s a jarring and pummelling ride that makes it hard to stay in the saddle, but then people don’t buy sporting 400s for their comfort.


Fairly typical mid-90s Kawasaki fare. Reasonable analog instrumentation squeezes inside the cockpit; half-decent mirrors (the other half show your elbows, natch) sprout off the compact full fairing and so on. That said, for a 400 it’s got everything the 750 version and more have, so is a quality bit of kit.


Source: MCN


Kawasaki ZXR400 - 1993
Kawasaki ZXR400 - 1993


A very nice source of general infromation about this bike is ZXRworld, be sure to check it out.

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