Honda VFR400R (NC24) - Delivery ride

Here's an interesting video of a delivery from Tokyo to Kyoto, using a Honda VFR400R NC24.

This video is from the very popular video magazine "Ride On" that was published in Japan and is sadly now out of print.


Honda VFR400R NC24
Honda VFR400R NC24


The first generation of VFR400R was the 1986–1987 NC21, which had replaced the VF400F when the Honda VF series was phased out (mainly due to reliability issues). This model had a full fairing, single rectangular headlight, a conventional dual-sided swing arm and was offered in three colour schemes. The NC21 was also available as the VFR400Z, a semi-faired version, and as the VFR400P, a police-specification version.

The next generation of VFR400R was the VFR400R NC24, produced for the 1987 and 1988 model years, the first production Honda motorcycle to utilize an ELF-designed Pro-Arm single-sided swingarm (which later became one of the trademarks of the Honda VFR series). The NC24 was available in three colour schemes in 1987 (including an official Rothmans replica), and one in 1988.



Honda VFR400R NC24
Honda VFR400R NC24 - Photo by Alan Medlock


The third generation of VFR400R was the best known, the VFR400R NC30, which was also officially sold in limited numbers in several European countries. The official European models were sometimes companied by a different CDI (ignition device), no 180 km/h (110 mph) restriction, speedometer that reached to 240 km/h (150 mph) and larger headlights (Germany). The NC30 was produced between 1989 and 1992, though unsold bikes were still available to purchase from Honda dealers for several years thereafter. The NC30 reflected the styling of its iconic bigger brother, theVFR750R (RC30), right down to its 18-inch rear wheel. Japanese-spec NC30s were available in a total of eight different colour schemes, produced with three different model year specifications (1989, 1990 and 1992). Export models were made in two different colour schemes, and carried model year designations L and M (1990 and 1991).

The official UK model has the following distinguishable features: slightly larger front and rear direction indicators; additional rear number plate light (separate from rear lamp) oil cooler, 60/55 watt headlamp bulbs, and a MPH speedo. The official UK bikes were only ever available in two colour schemes.

The Honda VFR400R NC30 is widely regarded as being a fine handling motorcycle. The engine has a very wide powerband for a 400cc engine, which made it a perfect beginners-superbike. It has a hardcore fanbase, especially in Japan and the UK, where the NC30 is a popular track-day and racing bike.


Please feel free to visit Alan Medlock's official website here.

You can read more about Alan's NC24 VFR project here.


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